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Financial BPO

Trademark and Patent Registration

Business Process Outsourcing

The financial BPO will be responsible for all the financial administrative management of your company. By opting for outsourcing, the entrepreneur gains time to dedicate himself to the business in full.

Self storage

Does your company have no more space to store goods? Through Self Storage, Cboffice keeps your products safe. In this way, it is possible to save money and be sure that your materials will be stored and a space prepared.

CND record

The CND (Negative Debt Certificate) is a document that proves that a company, person or a good such as a car, property, etc. have no debts with public bodies and that there are no civil, criminal or federal actions, here at cboffice we take care of this bureaucratic part by issuing your certificate.

Registration with competent bodies - CREA, CRC, CREFI, CRM and others

Registration with the competent body proves the legitimacy of the union entity. Here at Cboffice we take care of this bureaucratic part by registering you with the main competent bodies.

The Registration of Trademarks and Patents is the important and bureaucratic part of the company, it guarantees the rights of ownership and exclusive use of the brand throughout the national territory. It is done at the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property).

SICAF registration

If you want to participate in bids, you must register with SICAF (Supplier Registration System), which allows suppliers from all over Brazil and the world to register and have access to purchases made by public bodies.

CPOM registration

Registration in the CPOM (Registration of Service Providers from Other Municipalities) is done when a company provides services to another company in a municipality other than the one in which it is registered.

Digital certificate

The Digital Certificate works as a virtual identification card, it is the electronic identity of a person or company. It allows you to sign documents electronically without having to go to a notary to recognize the signature. Here at Cboffice we have partners with the best prices to indicate you.


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