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A complete company for all types of professionals

Cboffice is the first Coworking in São José, it has a space with more than 1000m² and 47 rooms of the most varied segments, thus becoming the largest Coworking in Greater Florianópolis.

An office with all the necessary infrastructure, a fast, easy and bureaucratic tax address. Receive parcels and merchandise without charging extra fees. And in the best location, on the main access route between the mainland and the island.

cboffice also has solutions for your business, such as Financial BPO, Trademark and Patent Registration, Selfstorage, SICAF Registration, CND Registration, CPOM Registration, Registration with competent bodies and indication for the preparation of your Digital Certificate.

Mais de 1.000m² e 47 espaços de coworking dos mais variados segmentos

"Simplesmente Funciona"

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